Knitters Delight


  Knitters Delight comes with:
  • Brown woven basket
  • Crucci 4 Ply 72% Wool 28% Polyester 50g balls x 2
  • Craft Co Kwik Knit 3.00 mm Bamboo Needles
  • Craft Co Kwik Knit 3.75 mm Bamboo Needles
  • Luxurious handmade wooden Acacia yarn bowl
  • Craft Co Kwik Knit Steel Stitch Holder
  • Needle Case
  • Measuring Tape
  • Matakana Botanicals - Hand & Body Lotion  - 360ml
  • Trio Body Scrub (Assorted )
  • Herb & Spice Coconut Crispy Rolls
  • Herb & Spice Classic Prosecco bag 100g
  • Sweet Rock 170g
  • Molly Woppy Gluten free milk chocolate cookies 140g
  • Soap Opera Orange Citrus Soap 100g

More Information

With all our baskets if you have something in particular you wanted, wanted to mix and match or just had a budget in mind - just send us an email and we can customize to suit.

 If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Deluxe Baskets on 021 - 214 -0342 or email us here.


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